Hytham Alihassan

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  • "First, the residual fingerprint from the phone is either photographed or scanned with a flatbed scanner at 2400 dpi. Then the image is converted to black & white, inverted and mirrored. This image is then printed onto transparent sheet at 1200 dpi."

  • 20 million copies of Prof. Church's 304-page book encoded in a pin-drop of DNA...worth watching this interview (again)!

  • Seriously, don't do that!

  • "They could tell cancerous cells to stop dividing after they reach a certain number, or turn plant cells into sensors for monitoring the environment." - I want to compile code that runs on a living organism!

  • I'm on a Pre 3...hope to install LunaCE on it someday.

  • Stumbled into this video while reading Anandtech's iPhone 5 review...thanks Professor Hammack!

  • Interview with "Hiro Nakamura" on The Verge

  • Interesting modification and use-case of the HP Touchpad.