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  • Nice review I wasn't expecting from topgear.  
    Smart car/cab /taxi of future would have to blend in other transports available in the region this would also guarantee clients for taxi.
    "The satnav is the first on any car that will sometimes tell you NOT to drive. Just select the 'multimodal route' option and it'll automatically go online and figure out if driving might not be the fastest way, or if your destination is beyond your range. If so, it'll find you a charge point (a vacant one) near a bus or rail stop, and tell you the timetable, and the walking directions at the other end. It'll then automatically upload these to your personal BMW account, which sends them to your phone. So you park the car, then walk off following the directions on the phone." ...

  • Tesla recently announced in Munich plan to invest in superchargers across Germany. This is map-plan of highways where 40-50 superchargers will be installed every 100-200km (source of img is newswire however i could find any relevant src for this image however press release of tesla can be found  here: )

  • Uber is using mapbox to show time to arrive which can be send to friends... another way how to increase user base of taxi application...
    dunno why they used mapbox and not google maps directly... maybe to save dev's time dunno

  • Creating industry on its own with new brand

    Transportation industry and personal transfers taxi /cabs inherit 
    unwillingly  bad perception by customers: no matter what new name and features they would build  new brand will always be compared with old diseases/reputation of all companies worked in your industry before.

    thats one hard fact to chew

    Is there any way around? 
    Might... If you introduce new brand which will be not perceived as part of OLD brands not connected to them. However then you might not be considered immediately by customers  as their first way of choice.

    UBER had to separate itself from taxi service which however helped them to separate and create brand name  with help of negativism and controversion generated in media by their "fight" with taxi companies.

    However is their new rider ranking  good enough in real life? Isnt this something which customer has to take care of instead of company?
    Do people  perceive UBER services as brand which covers safe and good transport system?  IMHO there is statistical threshold   of satisfied rides which has to be guaranteed increased by still connecting service to taxi when user jumps in the car.

    One thing might help: if entering car/vehicle would be different.
    However due to many different riders car it is difficult. 
    Lyft(tm) ride sharing company tried to  do so by sending pink mustache which drivers can add to their car.

    So if new brand in transport industry wants to start has to bring: way of thinking  not to just distinguish but separate

    2.customer has to get feeling/and idea of what BRAND takes care of which she/he doesnt need to=simplification for customer and give control only if customer requires it(as it makes ordering more difficult)
    (cheaper price? select faceboook g+ advert sharing. Select driver?  ok here is our recommendation  etc..)

    3.seeing vehicle should be advert itself and entering vehicle experience on its own

    With uprising of electric cars, it logistic ai.... its now about time to show how things can be done differently. 

    to be continued...?

  • California regulator sets rules for ridesharing companies
    Some of those already have certain measurements in place

  • Wow Catalonians got priuses 2 y agoa already as taxi and now electric nissan NV200 van which is built in Barcelona next year  will begin its public beta will as part of a set of initiatives the Spanish city has for zero-emissions transportation...

  • Uber, which has raised more than $300 million from investors, announced on Tuesday it hired a chief financial officer and a head of growth with experience at publicly held companies Google Inc and Facebook Inc.
    So 2 things can happen: Uber will go IPO or Google will buy eventually UBER.... 
    Interesting fact is headline correction... they hed to change it from:
    "Ridesharing service Uber hires new CFO from Google"
    "Ride service Uber hires new CFO from Google"
    Which points out to still present TAXI/CAB service fight with UBER
    and ambition of UBER to do ride and sharing at the same time i.e. new "taxi"

  • Smartboard taxi order

  • Html5 WebGl taxi ordering app test .. was getting nice 48FPS interesting fact was that chrome had on samsung galaxy zoom worse antialiasing scaling of html5 canvas than build in browser

  • nice idea