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  • Today's catch-up meeting with the Ubuntu Community Council
    The Kubuntu team has been thinking about what to bring up to the CC for a few weeks, and at our Mumble meeting , discussed it there as well. Rohan Garg, Scott Kitterman, and Philip Muscovac (Shadeslayer, ScottK, and Yofel) attended with me (thank goodness!)...

  • Today KDE 4.12.3 landed in Kubutnu 14.04 :) If you are using Trusty already and want to help developers a bit please visit for details

  • Calligra Suite 2.8 released

    Major new features in this release are comments support in Author and Words, improved Pivot tables in Sheets, improved stability and the ability to open hyperlinks in Kexi. Flow introduces SVG based stencils and as usual there are many new features in Krita including touch screens support and a wraparound painting mode for the creation of textures and tiles.

    #Calligra #KDE #Office #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Linux #ODF #OpenDocumentFormat

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