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  • The following is the 18min talk I gave at Constellation Connected Enterprise on how to move social from being a stand-alone service for sharing, to integrating social features into the business tools that your company relies on the run your business. 
    Purposeful Collaboration - how to implement social the right way

    #socbiz   #FutureOfWork  

  • Blogger or Wordpress? Discuss.

  • Ugh. Why did Android ruin the alarm clock UI in KitKat? It used to be so simple to set, no they have a stupid clock UI. #fail 

  • Below is my review of the Salesforce Dreamforce 2013 keynote. 

    Topics include: 
    - Salesforce - more than just technology... philanthropy is at the heart of the company's core values
    - Introducing Salesforce1, the platform for the Internet of Customers 
    - The impact of connected devices - Demonstrations of Salesforce1 Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud 

    - Salesforce focused on providing business outcomes versus focusing on the technology 
    - I would have liked more focus on internal topics, ex: what connected devices like office doors, meeting rooms, furniture could do to help employees collaborate 
    - Vision is great, but execution is what matters. Pricing, packaging, support, etc.

  • Organizations can also think of this message as "Welcome to the Intranet of Employees", since they are essentially your company's internal customers.

  • In Ironman, JARVIS is Tony Stark's automated assistant. What other examples of AI assistants do you know of? (Not Siri or Google Now)

  • PLEASE... when you want to connect with me on LinkedIn, click the pencil icon, not the word "Connect", and take 30 seconds to write a personal message.  Thank you.

  • Google is talking a lot about how great their photo experience is. Am I the only one that finds it TERRIBLY confusing?

    - When pictures from my phone are auto-backed up, I assume they are private, but how do I know that? I can't tell in anyway looking at them that they are private. Am I missing some visual indicator that shows public vs. private vs. shared with X?
    - If I delete a picture from the web, do they delete off my phone as well?  (and vice versa)
    - I can't figure out how to organize photos into albums. I can select multiple, but I don't see any "move to album" feature.

  • Datapoint: Nov 2013 Google is claiming 540M active (within 30 day window) Google+ users. #socbiz 

  • Something that always amazes me wrt "social" is how many cliques think their group is "special" ex: "What? You Don't know so-and-so!"