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Latest updates
  • Leaping forward and looking back, 2013 in review:
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  • If you've never heard the call of a lemur, check out these season's greetings from the 'loudmouths' at the Lemur Center!

  • Meet Horus the baby crowned lemur in an interview with his keeper:

  • The IUCN Primate Specialist Group unveiled a new report outlining a 3 year conservation strategy for Madagascar to save lemurs. DLC's Dr. Erik Patel participated last year and sent us this report on the release of the new plan.

  • The world's largest colony of #lemurs outside of Madagascar is trying to save lemurs in their only wild home, Madagascar.

    The Duke Lemur Center has an active presence in northeast #Madagascar through many people and projects. University and Lemur Center staff recently visited Madagascar to document some of the amazing initiatives.