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  • My latest blog post.  Inspired in part by a magazine called Nest: A Quarterly of Interiors.  It's last issue was ten years ago, or so.  
    I'm inviting people to share with me on the blog how they inhabit the world and what their fashion, interiors and spaces communicate about themselves, beauty and philosophy or way of life.  
    Inviting people to guest blog by creating a blog post with text and photos about their fashion or interior (office/home/sacred space).  Feel free to leave a comment if you'd be interested in doing so.  Also, I will be inviting people to send me photos and allow me to interview them about their fashion or interior from which I will write a blog post about this person fashion or home interior etc.  We'll see if any one but myself is interested in such a blog post series.

  • In the late 1990′s into the early 2000′s there was a magazine called Nest: A Quarterly of Interiors.  It’s one of the few magazines from when I subscribed to magazines that I have kept the issues, and even purchased some back issues.  What has stuck with…

  • I left off in part 1 with a discovery.  At 5 almost 6 years old by asking if a friend wanted to come t a VBS I discovered there were people that not only went to church infrequently (this was so in my own extended family), but for whom church had no place…

  • Goodbye H.R. Giger
    by Shortology

  • This is a new social network, the Manifesto looks interesting, request an invitation.  Once it's ready I'm going to be on Ello.  Check it out.

  • The Anglobaptist brought to my attention the Sojourners blog series “Letter’s to a dying Church”(I  haven’t read all of them but I’ve read a few).  At Tripp’s blog, I’ve said that I agree with those that are saying (some of them in their “letters”, that…

  • When we praise God for something what are we doing?  When we thank God for a positive outcome and praise God for that outcome what are we meaning?  What are we attributing to God. These were some of the general questions I recently dealt with in a…

  • "Our predicament (my predicament) is futile, it leads towards death. It is a dead end."

  • On Living in a Futile and Crooked Generation

    This reflection is a riff on  the Sermon I preached at Reconciler on May 4th, the Third Sunday of  Easter. The Gospel text is the Road to Emmaus, the other Scripture texts are a portion of Peter’s sermon at Pentecost and the beginning of the First Letter…