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  • “Reviews you can trust, written by people just like you.” (2)

    The takeaway? Positive reviews are good, but substantive reviews are better. To be meaningful, to generate interest with follow through potential, a review should relate how real clients experienced the service so that prospective clients can decide whether the service is a good fit for them, too.
    Hence “Reviews you can trust, written by people just like you.”
    What do you think? Would love to read your thoughts/ insights/ comments.

  • I think its useful to explore different points of view, respectfully. Agree to disagree. Heres an example: IBS /colonics debate.


  • Don’t sell when you should tell, and don’t tell when you should sell.
    Paid advertising can add up – so the counterintuitive advice is: don’t attempt to ‘sell’ in a tiny advert – rather offer your reader some free information in exchange for contact details – e.g.:
    “7 daily steps towards colon health”. For your free 7 day guide Call…..
    Then, when you send your free information – also send links to further info about the benefits of your service. You now have a lead and there’s plenty of time and opportunity to follow up and convert interest into action.
    Does this make sense to you?
    Your opinions welcome.

  • @skgreen.
    Hi sarah, enjoyed your recent piece in HBR, and used it to inform a FB blog of mine, TBP tomorrow. Thanks for excellent analysis.

  • Cereal killers
    (I have borrowed the title from someone using it on Twitter).
    I generally like to give positive messages rather than negative, in my posts. Sometimes, however, avoiding the Negative can be the most Positive thing one can do. So lets talk about a prolific serial killer: Sugar overload in the modern diet. It’s never distant from the scene of the crime, although it has powerful connections that have protected it from whole scale public scrutiny thus far. Things are changing.
    People, I think, have twigged that most breakfast cereals should come with a health warning.
    But what about cereal bars? They are marketed as healthy, right.
    So are they? Hell no, not by a long shot.
    Most cereal bars are high in Sugar making their healthy image a myth.
    (The conclusion reached by which? Magazine investigators after examining the nutritional content of 30 different cereal bars)
    They found that 29 of the 30 bars were high in sugar (over 15g /100g= 15% sugar). And 16 bars had >30% sugar.
    Note: Separate listing of different sugars in the list of ingredients misleads, because it hides the total sugars in the product.
    Conclusion: Shoppers might think that a cereal bar is a healthier option than chocolate biscuits or chocolate bars; sadly this is often not the case.

  • Kabir, says
    "Life is a field and you are born to cultivate it. And if you know how to cultivate this field you can produce anything you like". All the needs of your life can be produced in this field. All that your soul yearns after and all you need is to be got from the field, if you know how to cultivate it and how to reap the fruit.”

  • WLC

  • It's Valentine's Day and to give you a chance to show how much you care, we have special offers for everyone at http://www.westlondoncolonics.com/special_offers.html 

  • VALENTINES period extra special offer for couples NOW AVAILABLE 

    Valentines day is on the 14th February.

    WLC are making an extra special offer to allow you to take advantage of couples introductory deal. This is currently featured as 95 pounds (see 'The couples special').

    Book and pay by the 14th Feb inclusive, and take your sessions by the end of February 2014, for an extra special price of 85 pounds.
    This works out at 42.50 each, an exceptionally attractive offer.


  • This week, with Xmas almost upon us and the stresses of the festive season building I thought I would try and relieve that a little with something I heard at the recent RICTAT conference I attended. The last lecture was about Laughter and I must say that I have never had so much fun at a conference before!! Laughter really is a good medicine and was a perfect way to end the day.
    Rani Louise Don from LaughterUnlimited talked to us and below is an extract rom their web site giving some great info as to why we should laugh more!! 
    I was especially intrigued by the anti-aging effect of laughter and will definitely be trying to laugh a lot more!!

    Taken from LaughterUnlimited website (see details at end):-

    Why Laugh?

    Hearty group laughter has profound short and long-term effects on our minds and bodies.
    Many people are familiar with the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”, but rarely do we take the time to make use of the proven benefits that laughter can bring into our lives.

    Laughter is often used in hospitals to boost recovery from surgery and enhance healing, as well as in the workplace to improve team-working and creative problem-solving.

    In general, laughter can release energetic blocks in the body, freeing us up to become more alive and connected to ourselves and others.
    Below is a summary of some of the benefits of this fabulous, easy, enjoyable activity. 

    Anti stress
    Reduces levels of stress-related hormones such as cortisol.

    Feel-good Hormones
    Releases endorphins, self-manufactured natural opiates that act as natural painkillers, create a positive state of mind and boost optimism, self confidence and feelings of self-worth.

    Many older practitioners claim the facial exercise of laughter reduces wrinkles and sagging by firming and toning facial muscles, making them look younger.
    Exercise is known to slow the aging process - laughing is a fun and easy exercise!

    Immune System
    Boosts our immune system with fast increases in levels of anti-viral and anti-infection cells and also cells that fight cancer. Laughter increases the levels of Immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is the first line of defence protecting us against viral infections such as coughs and colds.

    Increased Circulation
    Causes an internal movement that massages and promotes blood circulation to the digestive and lymphatic systems.
    Increases circulation to flush the body and organs of waste products, leaving us ready to operate at peak performance.
    Facial flushing from improved circulation leaves the skin glowing and radiant.

    Oxygen and Aerobic Exercise
    Provides an excellent cardio and mid-body workout. The heart rate increase in one minute of hearty laughter can take 10 minutes to achieve on an exercise machine.
    Laughter is a combination of deep inhalation and full exhalation, inspiring excellent ventilation, wonderful rest and profound release.

    By enhancing the free flow of emotions, laughter can dislodge blocked emotions stored in the body.
    Suppressed or blocked emotions can cause ongoing physical, mental and emotional problems - their release can be life-changing. Laughter provides an excellent non-violent method for emotional release and catharsi. 

    Right-brain Effectiveness
    The right side of the brain is concerned with intuition, imagination, creativity and healing, and its power is unlimited.
    One of the easiest ways to stimulate the right side of the brain is through laughter and playfulness.

    Rani Louise Don
    07949 229974