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  • As Twitter’s multibillion-dollar IPO looms, TIME staff picks 140 essential tweets—and hashtags and @-replies and more—that helped Twitter become a global phenomenon.
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  • The involvement of Open Ocean is strategically important for RapidMiner, both as a mark of its success so far, and also of how it can develop. “With three million product downloads, RapidMiner has rapidly become one of the leaders in the predictive analytics space,” said Monty Widenius, MySQL founder and partner at Open Ocean Capital, in a statement. “We plan to leverage our experience in building MySQL, and the MySQL community, to help the RapidMiner team advance its technology and grow its user community around the world.”

    The explosion in data that has been a by-product of the rise of the Internet and cloud-based services has created a knock-on market for business intelligence and big data solutions for companies to better harness this information to their best advantage.

  • Drum beats from Jyot Google Doodle celebrates Halloween - This Witch will Boooo Yoooooouuu

  • Happy Halloween! 
    Unlike many other social networks Twitter has never required its users to use their real names. You can be anybody you want to be. Moreover, intentionally or not Twitter makes identity really malleable: you can change both your username, and your display name as often as you’d like. Which means people often get crazy with the display names. And right now, Twitter’s all about Halloween display names.

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    Never miss breaking news.  Fresh news everyday.  Read this newspaper:
    • TIME 100 London Panel: For Better Or Worse, Social Media Is Shaping Our Lives.
    • BBC News - Wal-Mart ends Indian joint venture with Bharti Enterprises.
    • Techmeme: How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking (Dan Goodin/Ars Technica).
    • Swirl, A Beacon-Fueled Marketing System, Raises $8M So Retailers Can Track Shoppers.
    • Flipkart Raises Another $160M For Its Amazon-Style Indian E-Commerce Marketplace

  • Promote your business online, Social media marketing, Facebook or twitter marketing, YouTube or Pinterest.  Are you looking for a simpler way to manage your digital marketing.  Here is 102 slides presentation that explains with lots of real life examples.  Are you wondering which digital platforms can help your social media marketing?  Study this comprehensive ppt to learn all about social media.

  • Happy Birthday+  Google.
    Google Social Spine – Anatomy of the DNS – The Digital Nervous System.  I am sure you visit YouTube more often than not.  Although Vimeo is preferred by professionals.

    However, there is much more behind this rather ulterior motive.  You might have guessed, it is all about advertising targeting.  More people register more profiles are created and Google now knows more about you.  The more networking sites knows about you, the better it is at giving you a good experience, and in turn increase their revenue.

    Earlier, depending on whether you browsed while signed in to a Google account, it would know what you searched for and mapped. If you were on Android or used its other products, it might have known a bit more. But it didn’t know or had to guess about your age, education and work history, interests, and social graph.   Now with help of Google+ it knows everything about you because you volunteer lots of details.  Personalize a profile with biographical info, add friends and colleagues follow brands and +1 and comment on your feed.  By the way +1 is like Like on Facebook and in Twitter parlance it is ‘Favourite’.

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  • Join this community Digital Platforms 

  • I would like to invite you to join this Digital Platforms + COMMUNITY.

  • Category wise list of Digital Platforms:   #socialmediamarketing   #digitalmarketing  
    1. Blog:  Blogger
    2. Blog:  Tumblr
    3. Blog:  WordPress   
    4. Book marking Pins:  Pinterest  
    5. Message: Twitter   
    6. Networking: Facebook  
    7. Networking: Google +  
    8. Networking: LinkedIn
    9. Networking: Xing
    10. Online assets in one place XeeMe
    11. Picture album - Flickr   
    Picture album - Picasa Picture Album.
    12. Picture gallery: Cooliris 3 D Picture / Video Gallery.
    13. Publishing: Scribd 
    14. Publishing: SlideShare 
    15. Question / Answers: Quora Knowledge sharing.  
    16. Real world link: Foursquare to promote your local business.
    17. Television: Livestream
    18. Video channel. Vimeo
    19. Video channel. YouTube 6
    20. Viral Marketing: Sharethis
    21. Visitor Counter.  Flag Counter  
    22. Visualization SpicyNodes Make dancing sites / Blogs

    Here are some examples of Pages:
    1. Facebook Page
    2. Google +   Page
    3. LinkedIn   Page

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