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  • Bottle Holder Wood Carvings from Bali
    Bottle Holder Wood Carvings from Bali Bali wood handicrafts wholesale. This is unique wood carvings from Bali. It is bottle holder made o...

  • Summer Knitwear from Bali
    Summer Knitwear from Bali Knitted Cardigan Summer knitted cardigan in various colors. Knitted in Bali Indonesia.

  • sarongs shop on jalan nakula seminyak Bali

  • Sarongs factory in Bali Indonesia. Now is the good time to order sarongs from Bali direct from the factory. It's dry season with weeks without raining. Hot sunshine which necessary in producing vibrant color handpainted sarongs.

  • i'm adding a slideshow with photos of sarongs from Bali, mostly from our old sarongs catalog, for our latest collection please go to

  • Rattan coasters wholesale from Bali Indonesia

  • Bali handicrafts wholesale web site. Wooden Calendars from Bali onĀ

  • Bali fabrics wholesale from batik factory in Bali Indonesia

  • i'm adding a flickr slideshow, very easy!

  • Fashion jewelry wholesale. Bali MOP shell necklaces. Costume jewellery from Bali.