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  • ActionController::Live puma + nginx setup in 2 minutes

  • Really old article, updated to work with Ubuntu 14.04 -> Display Google Calendar On Your Desktop Using Gcalcli And Conky

    This post explains how to display Google Calendar on your Desktop using Conky and Gcalcli (a tool you can use to manage Google Calendar via the command line).

    #Ubuntu #Linux #GoogleCalendar #Conky  

  • New gplus app.. the way header background fades.. Impressed  #gplus

  • Blowing sands... of time 

  • Important reminder: Ubuntu 12.10 has reached end of life on May 16.

    That means that if you use Ubuntu 12.10, you should upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10 (Ubuntu 13.04 has already reached end of life) and then (recommended) to 14.04. That's because after May 16 2014, "Ubuntu Security Notices will no longer include information or updated packages for Ubuntu 12.10".

    It's also important to mention that PPA maintainers will no longer be able to upload packages for Ubuntu 12.10 after that date.

  • Bests Gmail's Filters With A New Inbox Automation System

  • Gplus to Blogger and back


  • How can I fault this.