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  • Fifteen months ago John Oliver, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were all massive stars on Comedy Central. Now Oliver is at #HBO  Colbert is on the way to #CBS  and Stewart is preparing to sign off from "The Daily Show." What the heck happened? #JohnOliver   #StephenColbert   #JonStewart   #ComedyCentral

  • The new #racists on campus: Meet the youth wing of the white nationalism movement #hatecrime  

  • OPINION | Meta Wagner: #JonStewart to leave ‘The Daily Show’? Say it ain’t so!

  • A 16-year timeline of how Jon Stewart went from unknown to the most trusted man in America #JonStewart   #DailyShow  

  • "In a time when conflicts around the world sometimes seem intractable, when progress sometimes seems beyond grasp, Germany’s story gives us hope. We can end wars. Countries can rebuild. Adversaries can become allies. Walls can come down. Divisions can be healed. Germany’s story—and the story of Angela’s life—remind us that when free people stand united, our interests and our values will ultimately prevail. " —President Obama:

  • Today, Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with General Han Min-koo, Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Korea, spoke to university students, and participated in a roundtable with exchange alumni and young leaders, where he emphasized the close ties between the people of the United States and the Republic of Korea. Deputy Secretary Blinken also spoke with North Korean defectors at Café Grace, a not-for-profit business for hiring North Korean refugees as employees. Deputy Secretary Blinken is now on his way to Beijing.

    Pictures from his trip →