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  • I thank you all for all the messages we received during the last months! They made us feel like what we do indeed matters to many.

    Since most of them ask the same things, I'll try to answer to every one in this post, so pay attention:

    1- No project is abandoned until we say so. Really, I'd say it if that happens, and I'd also publish everything we have done until that point so that someone else might work with it. So, if we don't say anything, it's not abandoned. No news is good news.

    2- Captain Rainbow is been on hold since this summer. We were planning a patch testing and bug resolving phase for the start of this autumn, even with someone new coming to help us, but it has been delayed for various reasons, and, to be frank, the upcoming release of super smash bros for wiiu might delay that again. This, ehr, might sound like a stupid excuse to some of you, but that's what happens when people do things in their free time after a tiring day of work, don't think too bad of us. We're doing it because we love videogames, isn't it?
    Other things to know: despite the fact we're mostly italians, the english translation always had the priority. And, since we haven't been able to end the project while the Wii was a very recent console, we're also considering a release to be used with emulators and not just riivolution.

    3- The work on the italian translation of (the text of) Tales of Rebirth has restarted, and it's not far from being completed. Yay!
    Wait wait, that doesn't mean the patch is coming out soon, but there's something else you can understand from these words: that the overall patching work on tales of rebirth is progressing, slowly but steady. Even if you don't care about the italian translation, that's good news.

    4- We aren't working on any 'secret' project right now. Just CR and ToR, and we really can't afford other projects right now, so don't expect new announcements soon. That is to say, no matter what the poll on our site says about some other game, we're not even slightly working on it in this moment, sorry.

    That's all for now, let me know if I forgot to say something.
    Thanks again to every one of you for following us patiently, until next time (hope it won't be 6+ months from now)!

  • I expressed my love for For the frog the bell tolls nearly two years ago (wow, time sure flies) in this post:

    - and Smash Bros surprises me once again with today's new assist trophy!
    Truly fantastic. Please play this fantranslated game.

  • Another Smash Bros related surprise today, with the appearance of Takamaru (who also took part in Captain Rainbow) as an assist trophy!

  • Our friend Moyt has some info for all the Berserk fans out there:

    "BERSERK PS2 PATCH ENG/ITA RELEASE 1.0!!! now out :)


    Changelog v1.0:

    Completed the translation.
    Improved translation.
    Fixed the freeze in the mansion and in some other movies on the ps2 console.
    Adjusted the position of some other phrases.
    Fixed some bugs.
    Improved movies.
    And other little things.

    At the usual place -> BERSERK PS2 PATCH ENG/ITA RELEASE 1.0!!!

    Please like and support this persons work for those interested :)"

  • Nearly 1 year ago, operation rainfall website tested gamers' interest with a poll asking 'which of these games would you want to see officially localized?', and that poll included Captain Rainbow as one of the possible choices. I happened to see it again recently, so let's give it a quick look.
    All the games were totally captivating, so it was a hard choice.
    And the results were...

    Was it because they were all enthusiast for our project, so that they wouldn't feel the need for nintendo to make a move? Ahah well nope, since the extremely-fabulously-fantranslated mother 3 is at the top.
    Was it because they really don't think it will ever be released outside japan due to its (very small, actually) controversial content, so it was pointless to ask for it?
    Was it because they couldn't care less about it?

    Well, not to worry. Manly rainbows are not for everyone, after all.

  • Check this out and build your own Captain Rainbow wallpaper!

  • Fat Little Mac from Captain Rainbow is a trophy in the new Smash Bros!

  • Someone cool that played Giftpia using our translation.

    You should, too.

  • Seems like Captain Rainbow is one of the most wanted characters for Smash Bros. in Japan!

  • Merry Christmas!

    I'll get right to the point, some nice progress has been made on Captain Rainbow up until now, and we'll soon be able to show new things.
    The project is still alive and well. As a fact, me and the hacker exchanged over 30 emails in just the last ten days.

    This is unrelated to the progress we've made, but here is a very little present (I wanted to show it directly in-game, but we didn't make it in time). Enjoy!

  • Ahah, I happened to find this post:

    Although I won't confirm in any way the release date he said, it is true that me and EsperKnight are actively working on it in this period.

  • And another fan translation of something we had in the poll pops up: this time it's about Okaeri! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Oosouji, the third Chibi-Robo game!

    Thanks Telracs for the link!

  • Another discovery about one of the games in our poll:
    Marvelous: Mouhitotsu no Takarajima has a fantraslation already.

  • For those who were waiting for a Berserk (PS2) translation, someone else is already taking care of it with good results, check it out!

    Thanks Moyt for the link!

  • For those who always wanted to use our Tales of Destiny 2 script, some people here have google-translated it to english and fixed it where necessary.

    Please note that we haven't checked it and therefore we don't guarantee the same quality as the original.

  • A new, quick translation: a great, funny, 100% japanese golf game published long ago on dreamcast, Nettou Golf
    Take a look at its page:

    (versione italiana:

  • I'm a bit late, and it was hard for me to notice since I'm european, but I just realized that the ps2 game Chulip has been re-released on the american psn last december!
    I haven't played it yet, but lots of 'weird games friends' recommended it to me years ago, and after watching some videos, I was planning on importing a copy. This game really reminds Skip games like Chibi-Robo and all the others. If you're waiting for Captain Rainbow, you'll probably like it.
    Retail ps2 version, psn version (10$), whatever you choose, try it!

  • Me and EsperKnight talking. I deleted emails and real names.
    It's just to show something while we work on it, it's not like you're supposed to understand everything we're talking about.

  • Just a little update. I'm working on those new codes whenever I have time, editing nearly 2000 lines by hand is not a joke but I have a good pace. 30% done.

  • Hi everyone, due to a very intense period of things to do (and games to play, and people to meet), I started postponing the answers to your comments on our site, until I couldn't remember of having to do them at all. I always receive a notice for each of them, but I was really surprised when I found out how many unanswered ones there were.
    Now that the festivities have ended and I finished everything I was currently playing, I have to make up for it and answer to all of you, thank you for all your support up to now.

    Before the end of the year I was working on some codes we need to insert inside the dialogs of Captain Rainbow, and well, here is a random pic of some of them. I have to find them a better name, very specific when possible, and put them in all the texts like in that example. They're used to reference some special actions that should happen during the dialogs, or the names of particular items described inside the items list part.
    After that, all the translated texts should work nicely in our beta-patch, save for specific bugs.