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  • Cost of a Pond, Lake or Stream

    Here is our very popular guide to budget  building of your water. 

  • Planning to build a pond or small lake this year?  It is always best to think ahead.   What better place to start than with the foundation?  In this case it is called sealing a pond.  That is where all future success starts.  Here are our thoughts of the many choices you have for pond liners ...

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  • How to spot easy value improvements for Waterfront Property

    Many landowners will place rock next to a river or stream to try to hold the bank or increase viewing angles.  Rock serves a purpose, but leaves a stream much less attractive thus less valuable.  Rock also degrades fish habitat due to loss of holding cover.  

    This stream and waterfront property will rise in value after suitable plants are installed to beautify the stream and attract the largest fish in the stream to this property.  

    There are many improvements that carry minor investment while adding significantly to the value of the property.  Our example of a fix is to the higher end which will return the greatest profits, but any improvement in aesthetics and function will return a profit.  

    This is one small example of how we assist in Waterfront Real Estate Investments
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  • Tayside beavers doing dam fine. 

    More than 150 European beavers, which have lived in Tayside for at least nine years, are “well adapted” to modern Scotland and free of harmful diseases, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) revealed yesterday.

  • Just one of our study areas to bring the best of natural waters to you!

  • 16 year old son Isaac making a long cast to the far side...

  • serenity in a mountain lake in Georgia

  • water.... cool,  clear....  water 

  • Waterfalls need not be big to leave a big impression

  • Monkey flowers and penstemons at the water's edge

  • This thought may be a bit big for your pond, but it is integral with the waterfront lifestyle.  

    Have you ever gone for a paddle in a sea kayak?  Yes it is a very graceful experience to glide so far over the water with so little effort, but there is another magical element to these boats that look like submarines that have just surfaced.   You can get amazingly close to wildlife without them bolting in fear.  We think it has something to do with only half of you sticking above the water.  This thought is based on our experience that you can't get that close to the wild things in a canoe.  Maybe some of you have a different experience. We'd love to hear. 

    Now for a smaller body of water, you can get the same close encounter to #wildlife in a float tube.  It's just not as elegant. Can you tell we love the look of long sleek kayaks?  I personally got close enough to a herd of elk while I was in a float tube, that I could have splashed them.   It was evening on about a 20 acre lake in the mountains of eastern Oregon.  I was fishing for trout out of my float tube when I heard a breaking twig on the far shoreline. About a dozen elk came out of the timber to feed on the meadow at the lake edge.  Very very slowly I reached for my pocket camera in my vest.  Even more slowly I turned the float tube to face the elk.  I figured as soon as the camera flashed, the beasts would bolt. I was wrong! 

    Rethinking the situation after my surprise, I started finning ( float tube speak for paddling ) over towards the elk.  50 yards away,  no problem.....  30 yards.... all is calm..... 20 yards...  no big deal.    10 yards.... I am running out of lake!  

    I sat there within 10 yards of munching mega-deer and wondered what to do...   the call of nature interrupted my train of thought so I had to slowly stand up to do my duty.  ( this is a remote lake so don't let urban minds go crazy about my pollution).....     Only then did the herd look at me and slowly walk off back into the forest.  

    My hunch here is they took me for an odd shaped beaver..... which would be partially correct since I gained an invaluable education at the feet of some great Scientists at Oregon State University. 

    Now some of you might think I was in danger of being trampled by that elk herd and you might be right if I were that close on dry land, which I've also done, but being in the water, I was in a direction they would not bolt.   However,  I failed to mention this was the evening before the first day of elk bow-hunting season and the opposite shoreline of this lake was inhabited by a bunch of beer-fueled happy hunters who were glad to be out in the woods.  As you might imagine, arrowheads and float tubes don't mix too well; come to think of it neither do Biologists and flying arrows.  Thank Heaven it was the night BEFORE hunting season began.  

    Get out low on the water,  you are going to love what you see!


    OK we can go on and on about us build the world's best fishing ponds, but   LET'S TALK ABOUT YOUR LOCAL POND  instead.  

    Most local ponds are just a sort of a round hole in the ground without much habitat enhancement or just plain habitat.  While this limits productivity and ultimately fish size, it also presents the angler with a blank page of where to begin.  OK now since most of these ponds are pretty small, why not do a little work to put a pen to that blank page and make a couple spots that can attract the best fish in the pond? 

    Now this can take a bit of horsepower, but if you can source a log that will float on the pond, toss it in!  Any fish will take to the cover of a log like the fish magnet it is.  We like this because it looks better than the usual methods.

    OK OK you don't have a backhoe or excavator,  so yes you can toss in the Christmas tree. It works but it's a bit of a snore, plus it requires deeper water.  Besides, sliding your lure down along a log looks incredible when that trophy fish magically appears from under the log to double your rod over! 

    Now, let's say you just arrived at a new pond that has no real habitat features to give you an easy clue....   If you are in an area that has a bit of daily breeze, look at the shoreline.  You see those sedges on the downwind shoreline?  Yes , those!    Do you know what they do?  They collect all the minute forage the breeze pushes into them.   You know what else those sedges do?  They are cover for.... BAIT!   Crawfish, shrimp, leeches and insects.   

    So slide on over to a position to one side of those sedges and cast your offering parallel to them.   You will need to try a range of baits unless you "Cheat".  Yes, we cheat as much as possible.  The way we cheat here is by sneaking over and looking for examples of what lives in those sedges from the shoreline side so we don't disturb the fish.  Can't see what is there by looking?  Fine, then become a "Junior Biologist".  Wards Scientific Supply makes what they call a  D ring sampling net.  This net also can double as your fish net.  Take that net and sweep it through the sedges and see what pops up.  Now you can narrow your lure / bait selection and broaden your success.  

    So there you have today's pond fishing tip.  We will be back when you least expect to share a few more tips.  

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  • You step out the back door and head to the beach..... but you didn't have to drive anywhere..... and you didn't have to wait for the weekend....  and your internet works here....  and it's only your lunch hour.... and it's a real beach.....  and it only takes you 20 steps!

    Fantasy?  hardly.....   a Long Island or Malibu beach house?  guess again.  This is your own back yard...... or it was until you reinvented it into your own mental spa to unwind for a daily vacation.  

    This is called a Natural Swimming Pond
    There is only one place to get a completely natural swimming pond.

    The beach is real, the aesthetics are completely natural.  It looks and functions just like a clear blue mountain lake, because that is exactly where we learn our design techniques to craft these slices of nature. There are no straight lines. There is only crystal clear water, natural wildflowers and your emotional salvation.  

    Dive in and visit with us! 
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    +Natural Ponds Lakes & Streams by Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts 

  • Reading Lakes for Trophy Trout

    Interrogation time!  How many of you guys feel as comfortable reading lakes and ponds as you do reading a trout stream?  Lakes give you the glossy "stink eye" as they mysteriously sit there doing their best to tell you NOTHING!  But we design lakes so we speak their language.  

    Maybe the best simple tip this time of year before the surface waters warm into the 70s is to tell you all to look downwind, young man.  Especially on lakes that have better warm water fisheries than trout and salmon fisheries, this is true.  During the heat of summer you will do the exact opposite, but during spring, the winds blow the slower moving prey to the downwind shorelines.  This is doubly important if the lake has spring spawning rainbow and cutthroat trout and they are staging off a spawning stream in the same area.  Otherwise check out the mouth of that spawning stream.  And remember to take it easy on mature fish. This is the time of year where they are easily killed due to the stress of maturation and spawning.  

    Now slow moving prey  ( read warm water fish )  is the one-two punch you are all looking for.  If it's big and tasty yet slow, that sounds the feeding alarm for trout.  As with any predator, they want the easy ripe low hanging fruit.  Why work hard when you can have it easy?    Now if the lake itself is quite cold, the trout may also be a bit slow... more on that in a bit.  

    Think of your target lake and what moves slow...  young warm water fish and leeches come to mind first.  Of course dragon fly and damsel fly nymphs are always a target, but they are probably not around so early.  So keep your eye on what IS bumping around. ( see the fishing in ponds article in the Ponds Community )  

    Early season trout are not going to be so particular since they are hungry from the usual long cold winter months.  They also haven't seen many of us!   I have dragged a float tube over snow to get into one of the most difficult trout fisheries in the west just to see what would happen.  I caught those usually persnickety trout on a SALT WATER STREAMER!  

    Back to trout behavior in cold waters... In early season cold water,  always, ALWAYS keep a razor sharp trailing hook on any streamers or wooly bugger flies because this is where most trout will strike in cold water. 

    I can think of a handful of lakes here in Oregon that are much better known for warmwater fish than trout, but the trout fishing is fantastic if you know where to go in spring ( yes I know, what am I doing here if I know all this? )  Some of these lakes are not even known by most fishermen.  So get out there and explore, but do it through new eyes as you think like a trout.  

    I have a question now:  How many of you would drop $20 on an ebook that promises to unlock the secrets of lakes for you?  

  • Christmas stocking stuffers for fly fishermen and lake or pond owners!   (under $20)
    Stuff your favorite fisherman's stocking with tackle that's better than fishing lures.  Pop over to your local sporting goods or fishing store and ask for a  stream thermometer .  They cost around $9-12.   We will post how to use them to improve your fishing success over the next few weeks. Species such as trout, bass, pan fish and catfish all are easier to catch when you know you are fishing in the right place and with the right technique for any pond lake or stream temperature.  

    Happy Holidays!

  • Join us to learn and share about your pond or your future pond.  

  • Are you showing the best photos of your property?
    Many buyers want to know the experience of living IN the home, not just its appearance.  We rarely see views from inside the home even when it sits on acres of land.  *As a buyer my first thought is the view is poor when it is not featured in a listing.*  

    While the worst of these omissions are scenic  waterfront and mountain view properties, the majority of properties can feature  smaller vignettes of quality in their own landscaping to sell  the experience of living in the home.  While this does suggest a few minor landscape improvements, that is not our market niche.  It is just an observation from someone who enjoys looking out and up

    How do you use photos to set your listings apart? 

    We don't mind if someone goes over the top, This B & B used to sit on totally dry land..    #waterfront #property #lake  #realestate 

  • As weather warms, buyers' minds turn to Water Front Real Estate  There are many articles written about structures, but we focus on the investment in the actual  lake,   river or waterfront property  Here are a range of thoughts to help you and your clients understand recreation from water skiing to fishing and water quality for today and the future. 

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  • People ask us how to deal with unwanted visitors to their ponds & lakes ,  our answer is almost always  " get a lab ".   Well trained dogs can dissuade predators of fish and flowers without harming them.  We suggest you speak with +Andrew Ledford     for assistance.