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  • It's... It's... beautiful

  • This really explains a lot! I remember playing this when it came out and it literally took me months to do, but I never really knew why. I now know It's not because it was hard, but because I just couldn't be bothered. As you say it didn't make me feel like I needed to play it. Thanks for the great review Ross!

  • By far the best and easiest way to do it! Cheers

  • How bizarre.. I've not had any problems at all with lollipop on my Nexus 5. Is it possible that at least some of these issues are caused by not doing a proper factory reset and installing it manually? I never rely on OTA updates - so much possibility for failure

  • Here's the actual video ..

  • What a completely useless video... no sound, no drifting.

  • In assuming some sort of drastic modification has been done to the phone. At that speed the phone battery would get dammed hot. Also the standard phone is current limited and wouldn't take a charge like that anyway

  • April fools right?

  • Troll to Outstanding... LOL, Harry Potter FTW!

  • Looks like facebook aint giving up so easy

  • NOT ANOTHER ONE! bloody hell ... just found you can download of copy of your Facebook data now, just like G+ ..why don't they take their logo too? might as well

  • Facebook "Lists" now... blindingly similar to "Circles" ... facebook should be done for copyright infringement imo

  • Just bought PowerDVD, yes bought, because I felt it was a product I have used a fair amount over the years and that I should give back. And my reward? "CyberLink PowerDVD could not be activated" ... THIS is why piracy happens so much, its just so much easier.

  • Windows 8 Preview ISOs... should be interesting

  • Oh damn.. looks like im definitely getting a Samsung. It better have a microSD slot ...

  • lol @ Facebook trying to copy the features of Google+: Add Location to posts, Individual post permissions... too little too late (I hope)

  • Noooo! this better not be true, the hell if my next phone has to be a Samsung (and I will be buying the next nexus regardless)

  • I see google have finally put a limit on invites.... bit late isn't it?

  • HTC Nexus 3 aka Google Plus Phone, Facebook Status Rival