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  • This is pretty damn cool. :)

  • English word of the day: pacifier

    That's a very pragmatic and straight-forward description of an item that's supposed to keep infants from crying. And at the same time it sounds so much more serious than our German "Schnuller". ;)

  • Les Miserables is undoubtedly one of the most exciting musicals to have been written so far. +Lindsey Stirling just payed it homage with her very own medley of its greatest songs. There are sooo many goosebumps-inducing moments in this piece, it's incredible.

    If you love musicals and know Les Miserables, you will recognize all of your favorite tracks in there. And even you don't like musicals in general,, I'm sure you will be able to appreciate this video just the same. :)

  • On my way home I saw three guys near my S-Bahn station playing #music. This is very typical for Berlin, but they caught my attention, because one of them was sitting on a drumbox, which I think is just a very cool instrument to play. :) Aside from the awesome beat, a guitar and a violin are in charge of melody and rhythm.

    Overall a very cool combo and their #GypsyFusion style is really catchy. Check them out! They call themselves The Trouble Notes. You can find them on their own website http://thetroublenotes.com as well as on Google Music (see below) or YouTube, if you prefer that: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheTroubleNotes

  • Whether you like the Hobbit movies or not, there is a lot of beautiful music in those. +Peter Hollens picked the credits track of the latest movie for his most recent cover. As everybody expects from him by now, the entire track was produced using only his own voice. The result is an absolutely awesome, heartfelt and lovely rendition of this song! Check it out!

  • A lot of people tried to cover Chandelier by Sia...it's a really hard song to sing. Nicole Cross just released her cover of this song and this one totally floored me. She sticks fairly close to the original and still manages to imbue it with her own touch. Her rough voice is also such a perfect match for the song. I love it!

  • I think Escher would have been proud of Rob. :)

  • Wow. This article is really good. A little lengthy considering we live in the tl;dr-period (yuck!), but I would suggest reading all of it! A very nice comparison of economical and social approaches used in Europe (especially Germany) and the US.

    Haven't seen one so nice to read and full of interesting facts in a long time.

  • If you want to do something really interesting and challenging for a change, try GeoGuessr. You're dropped somewhere on the world (or a more limited map, if you want) and put into Google Streetview. You can move around, but you can't search or zoom out. All you have to do now is figure our where you are, mark it on the map and see how close your guess was.

  • When I woke up this morning and saw this in my Youtube stream, I had a huge grin on my face. I love this song and haven't heard it in a long while. This solo piano version of +vkgoeswild is just amazing. Who needs lyrics and singers? :)

  • I heard quite a few covers of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, but this one from +Walk off the Earth is really really good. Enjoy. :)

  • We just made our way up to the "Herkules" in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe. Sadly wie haven't been rewarded with nice weather yet, but it is a remarkable place even in rainy conditions.

  • If you're like me and you like to chill out to solo piano music once in a while, you will definitely love +Nathan Alef! He has a (way too little!) YouTube channel where he puts up videos of himself playing solo piano arrangements of various songs.

    He has also played piano in several videos of Evyenne Hollens (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA6KYS2P0CSMNa7eAHURxV6H2tmV05vWh). While those are lovely, I really do enjoy those solo pieces the most. Here are two more:

    Rather Be (Clean Bandit) - Nathan Alef Solo Piano Cover
    Love Somebody - Nathan Alef Piano Cover [Maroon 5]

  • Haha...hilarious, but way too close to the truth for comfort. :D

    (Don't worry if you don't understand the joke...your life is easier that way. ;))

  • The two most effective ways to calm me down in this world are:

    - walking through a nice forest with rays of sunshine breaking through the foliage
    - being near any kind of water, especially the sea

    I just took a walk through a forest right on the German coast. My mind is so at ease right now that I don't know if I will be able to do anything again. :D

  • Ostseeurlaub in Deutschland. Aus dem Wasser könnte Nessie auftauchen und mit Moby Dick Synchronschwimmen machen...keiner würde es merken. :D

  • Bad code can be salvaged; resist the urge to rewrite the software.

  • This is a pretty damn cool "professional flashmob" +Lindsey Stirling did there. Music, Artistry, Water... a perfect combination!

  • Wow...you got to be kidding me, germanticketoffice.com:

    98,90 € + 4,00% system fee + 26,44% service charge
    = Gross € 129,00

    Note that only the first price is what I actually want to buy...