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  • HTML5 to replace Flash! - Again! - Differently!

    This is a strange but wonderful one! There is a Mozilla team that works on creating a HTML5/JavaScript renderer for SWF files. They are essentially trying to replace - not flash - but the flash plug in. This is still early days, so your mileage may vary, but it looks really fascinating.

    And since Flash is one of the scourges of web developers everywhere, and web users as well, I would love to see it gone. We should not have to use this old and broken software to watch a move on Youtube (yes, I know there is an HTML5 version, but the development of it seems to be really slow, it is not really done yet).

    Kudos to the Mozilla Foundation once again, they do the most amazing stuff!

    And BTW, do you get why there are pictures of Alf below? Go check the name of the project. :-)

    #HTML5 #Flash #JavaScript #Adobe #Mozilla

    "ALF magnets" (CC BY 2.0) by RobotSkirts

  • qCraft: A Beginner’s Guide To Quantum Physics in Minecraft

    Last week we shared qCraft, a mod that brings basic principles of quantum physics (superposition and entanglement) to Minecraft. Since some of you have asked, here’s a closer look at how those principles come to life within Minecraft along with a few quick examples of qCraft builds.

    Find out more at

    #qcraft  #minecraft  #quantum

  • Charge and backup a dead Nokia N9

    So I have had some phone problems, again. Somehow phones - the new personal computer - seems to cause any number of problems. Anyway. My beloved Nokia N9 tried to upgrade something, and somehow it stopped booting. It only came as long as to the "Nokia" loading screen, and then stayed there. This caused the secondary problem, since it does not allow the battery to load while being in this unbooted state (a bit of a dumb design decision, I think), and thus the phone completely drained the battery and more or less bricked itself.

    This was however solvable.

      The first task, charge the battery!

    Shaun wrote the article "Death by Battery Drain: A guide to restore and charge the Nokia N9" over on "Everything N9", and commenter Thomas gave some insight on how to do it a bit simpler on Linux. This is basically the method they described.

    Step 1) Download Navifirm+ on a Microsoft Windows (TM) computer and get an ISO.

    I could not get it to work in wine, even though it is not a very complex program. Run it and close the window that asks for you username and password, you will not need that. Enter the product code that you find on the label on the back of the SIM card holder on your phone.

    Download only the large file (about 1,2 GB) named something like DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.

    Step 2) Download and install "flasher".

    I got the flasher_3.12.1_i386.deb, since that is what works best on my computer.

    Step 3) Start flasher.

    sudo flasher -f -F <firmware file name.bin>

    Step 4) Plug in your N9.

    Now you will have to be alert, since you do not actually want to flash your phone at this stage. It will take about a minute for the flasher software to find the N9, and as soon as it does, it will say "Charging battery: 0 % (11 % required). Ctrl-c to exit", now press [Ctrl]+[z] to suspend the operation. The phone will not be flashed, but it will however still be charged, albeit slowly.

    Step 5) Wait.

    Just let the phone charge, the longer the better. 30 minutes is not a bad idea, but you can leave it until it is fully charged, if you want.

    When you are done, use the ordinary CLI tools to kill the flasher process and unplug the phone.

      The second task, backup the phone!

    Now that the phone is charged again, I want to access the files. And I found a way that looks really complicated, but worked simply and like a charm.

    The instruction was found on the "N950/Fixing MALF state" page on the Meego Wiki, when I tried to go there, however, the domain was down. Google cache saved my bacon though.

    Step 1) Download the files you need.

    This is the N950 MeeGo kernel and the N950 MeeGo rescue initrd.

    Step 2) Make sure your phone is unplugged and turned off. Load the files you just downloaded.

    sudo flasher --load -k vmlinuz- -n initrd.img-rescue- --boot

    This will end with the uplifting word "Success", and nothing more. A bit anticlimactic, if you ask me.

    Step 3) Plug in your N9.

    After about a minute it will show up as a mountable device, just like before, and you can backup your files.

    Next task is to flash the phone to get the OS to work and boot normally again. But that will be another day and another post.

    #Nokia #N9 #NokiaN9 #MeeGo #Harmattan  

    "Nokia_N9" (CC BY 2.0) by abulhussain

  • Full screen video, thanks to sed

    For a long time I have had a problem with full screen viewing of streaming media, like +YouTube. My desktop environment of choice is delivered by +The KDE® Community, and I am very happy with it otherwise. The problem is with our old hated enemy +Adobe Flash. When using dual screen the flash container would not remain full screen as I try to multi task a bit. But the saviour arrived in the form of the old command line tool "sed".

    After many years of annoyance (but not to the degree that I actually did something about it), I finally sat down and tried to search for a solution. And here it is:

    sed -i 's/_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW/_AET_ACTIVE_WINDOW/g' /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/

    As suggested by Extra692-blue in this comment:

    It works perfectly in +Kubuntu 13.04 and +Netrunner 13.06. Hopefully this will keep on working for a while more. Thank's sed!

    #Flash #Kubuntu #sed #tipsandtricks   #cli  

    "sed & awk" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by peretzpup

  • No more password trouble!

    Always use unique passwords for every service you use, change them regularly, never use them on a public computer, make sure to keep your own computer clean from key loggers, and so on and so forth.

    Of course, +LastPass helps immensely, and if you pair that with a +YubiKey you can almost feel a bit at ease, but it is a bit of a hassle to set that up for grandma, right? It would be good to have something easier at hand.

    And here it is, finally; the Iphone 5S finger print reader! Wait, what? No, that was not it. It is +Steve Gibson who comes to our rescue, once again. Steve is a well known security expert, with a proven track record, and his idea is both simple and proof of his genius.

    It is a method that involves well established web standards, is completely open and can be implemented today. And it is this:

    Instead of entering a username and password, scan a QR code with your phone.

    And that is all. You are logged in and can go about your business. Go and have a look at his white paper or listen to Security NOW! from the TwIT network. He explains the exchanging of secure keys, hashes and such much better then I ever could. It is not hard, so go and listen! It is worth it.

    And even if this is no more than a week old, there is already work being done on implementing it in +Drupal. :-)

    The technique even has a cool name; SQRL (pronounced "squirrel"). And as +Tom Merritt phrased it, "You would be nuts to not use SQRL!" This - or a variation of it - is what you will be using in the future!

  • IPv6 in Sweden

    The link above is a interesting map indicating the municipalities in Sweden that support IPv6 and DNSSEC. Unfortunately a very sad state of affairs. Some of the municipalities that are orange should actually be red, since they run their email through companies like, who do run IPv6.

    You can find the same data, but in list form instead (in English) here:

    The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) points out on it's web page that every part of governmental IT must use IPv6 by 2013 ("Regeringen har i sin digitala agenda sagt att alla myndigheter bör ha infört IPv6 senast år 2013.").

    At the current rate, this will be a hard thing to do.

    #Sverige #IPv6 #DNSSEC

    "legacy-caution" (CC BY 2.0) by n3pb (

  • Build your own phone?

    This is a very interesting concept of a phone made to last. You can create the combination of properties that fits your needs, and when something breaks or gets outdated, you can switch out that specific component.

    It is still just a concept, an idea. Doubtful if it will ever lift off, but a fascinating proposal non-the-less. Looking forward to hearing the views of +Robin Harming and +Henrik Sonnergård on the next episode of #AIITR.

    But just think what could happen if it got made. Finally you can create a simple mobile phone with a giant battery so that it lasts for a week, or I can (hopefully) add a keyboard to my phone.

    What would your phone look like? Would you like to be able to upgrade and repair your phone?

  • Annual "Who Writes Linux" report released this morning at #linuxcon   #cloudopen  Who is writing the code? What companies are sponsoring that work? Details here:

  • Hi new people!

    A lot of new people have circled me in the last month or so, and hoping it is not just me being added to the "Ignore"-circle, I would like to know a bit about you.

    You might know me from the podcasts I am a part of, like +All In IT Radio, +hpr  or +Vovoid VSXu. Or you might have heard me at one of my speaking engagements at +FSCONS or +Drupal GBG. Then again, there are a lot of other parts of the internet where I am active.

    So where did you find me? How do you know of me?

    Tell me in the comments, and introduce yourself! :-)

    "Questions?" (CC BY-SA) by Valerie Everett (

  • "Swedish Podcast Awards" [Svenska Podradiopriset]

    Listen up everyone! We need your help!

    All In IT Radio has been nominated in the categories "Best technology and science" [Bästa teknik och vetenskap] and "The Best Swedish Podcast" [Sveriges bästa podcast]. It is the voice of the people that decide, so everyone can vote!

    Go to the site before voting ends at 2013-09-08, and cast your vote. You can choose to only vote in the two categories All In IT Radio is competing in, if you like. Give them your email address, and confirm your vote by following the URL they send you.

    That is it! You have now helped us reach even more listeners. :-)