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Latest updates
  • Try out my new tool: Neocities blog poster.

  • Check out my new site design.

  • Simple Code Editor Web App released. Try it out now at:

  • Simple Code Editor 2.00 Released. Click on the link below to view the changelog, or to download it. 

    Added 4 more languages, 2 new menus, preview features, integrated bug reports, and more!

  • How do you source the icons for your clients' projects? Here's a set of beautiful, free for commercial use material design icons by Google. No attribution required.

  • Useful Article : Skills you need to get job in Google - I'm Programmer

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  • Use DriveDroid to Install Any Linux Distro from Android [Root required]

  • Simple code editor 1.01, 1.10, and 1.15. Changes:
    Added Updater. Added JavaScript Console. Added "Edit with Simple Code Editor" item to Windows context menu. 

  • Google has a new voice search icon, and a new logo!

  • Try out my Simple Code Editor!

  • I have made a simple code editor.It has many themes, syntax higlighting, Emmet support (check the website to see what it is!), and more.

  • +Google Earth , Why is the CN tower on Mars? 

    1. Search "CN Tower" while on earth. 
    2. Add it to "saved locations"
    3. Go to Mars
    4. Click on your saved location

  • VBDeploy 3.0 Released. Includes Portable NetInstall launcher for easier deployment, allows spaces in pathnames, and improved reliability.

  • I'm buying one of these!!

  • VBDeploy Network Installer

  • VBDeploy Server

  • VBDeploy 2.5 Released! New features include improved logging, and network install!