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  • Chromalytic has invested in specific service tooling to allow us to reliably rebuild the pumps of the Agilent 1290 Infinity LC system.

    Professional, reliable, quality
    Mirroring the quality of this beautifully engineered tool, Chromalytic provides professional, reliable and quality servicing and repairs, delivered by our friendly Agilent-trained engineers.

    To receive a quote on any LC or GC system just email with the model number and your contact details.

    Mirroring the quality of this beautifully engineered tool, Chromalytic provides professional, reliable and quality servicing and repairs, delivered by our friendly Agilent-trained engineers.
    To receive a quote on any LC or GC system just email with the model number and your contact details.

  • To show our commitment to the EU, and ambitions in the international market, Chromalytic Limited is now registered in Ireland, thus bringing us back into the EU.

    Brexit has created uncertainty for many, hence our decision to overcome this by rejoining the EU and thus demonstrating our loyalty to our overseas partners, present and future, as well as our flexibility in adapting to all challenges, yours or ours.

    Chromalytic - providing solutions for all challenges. Let us bring that adaptability and intelligence into your lab through our service provision and quality hardware solutions.

  • Available through Chromalytic: Servomex OxyDetect Oxygen Monitor
    A breakthrough in laboratory safety monitoring
    With non-depleting Paramagnetic technology, which never needs replacing, the Servomex OxyDetect is the most reliable oxygen detector available for laboratory monitoring. With versions available for safe and hazardous areas, the exceptionally stable OxyDetect only needs calibrating every 6-12 months.
    See the safety and cost benefits OxyDetect will bring to your lab – call +44(0)1329 722072 or email

  • TIRED OF NOISY COMPRESSORS? It may be that you are actually tired BY noisy compressors.

    A recent British Medical Bulletin on the effects of noise pollution stated:
    "Noise interferes in complex task performance, modifies social behaviour and causes annoyance. Studies of occupational and environmental noise exposure suggest an association with hypertension."

    Numerous studies point to the adverse impact on health constant background noise can have, and we all know that feeling when, at the end of the day, the compressor is turned off and you feel yourself physically relax, even though you were previously oblivious to the noise that had been with you all day.

    The noise from your compressor is being caused by pistons constantly thumping up and down.

    The diagram below shows how a scroll compressor squeezes the air round a scroll, resulting in a noise level of around 40-50dB, about the same as a quiet office or library. Just imagine......
    We did, and that is why we are proud to be Distributors for Anest Iwata compressors, THE WORLD'S FIRST OIL-FREE SCROLL COMPRESSOR :
    Class Zero air
    noise levels of 40-50dB
    less particulate matter than that created by a piston compressor
    low maintenance costs
    and still, when combined with the Chromalytic nitrogen generator, Best in Class for Cost of Ownership.

    What is there to lose (except that headache)?

    Contact us for further information:
    +44(0)1329 722072 or

  • This is the highest quality carbon you can get, and the only carbon we use in the CMS towers in our nitrogen generators. Other generators use cheaper carbon and that creates dust - the last thing you want in your generator. Chromalytic - quality build, quality design, yet still Best in Class for Cost of Ownership

  • Your gas cylinder regulators need changing every five years. For competitive prices and expert advice contact, and keep your lab safe.

  • Filtration Upgrade to the Parker NitroFlow Lab Nitrogen Generator:

    The Problem: Parker NitroFlow Lab nitrogen generators use high capacity active carbon inlet filters with a single stage 2um paper filter on the outlet. No other filtration is fitted as standard within this model, and there is no final stage filtration of the output nitrogen. This poses several risks for NitroFlow users.

    The carbon used in the Parker inlet is friable, leading to dust formation during manufacture, transport and maintenance. Tests have shown that carbon particulates can be pushed through to the LC-MS either by bypassing the paper filter (which is not securely clamped in a housing) or because the particulates are smaller than 2um, so they simply go through the one paper filter present.
    The two oil-free compressors in the NitroFlow produce wear particulates from the piston seals and bearings. Add this to any particulates drawn in from the lab atmosphere and you'll see how performance issues are likely for the downstream MS system.

    The Solution: Chromalytic have developed and tested an efficient two-stage filtration system that effectively removes particulates including carbon, atmospheric and compressor wear particulates from the outlet of the NitroFlow before the gas is supplied to your LC-MS. This protects the considerable investment in your analytical instrumentation for a very modest cost, and improves on the design of the NitroFlow:
    First stage particulate filtration 5um in high efficiency housing with automatic float drain valve;
    Second stage fine particulate (1um) and active carbon filtration in high efficiency housing.

    The result: the clean, dry nitrogen your MS system requires.

    Contact us via or 01329 722072. we can carry out the filter replacement during your service visit for a small charge, and replacement filters are available to maintain the kit.

  • Best in Class for Cost of Ownership - Nitrogen Generation by Chromalytic - call 01329 722072 for more information, or email

  • Chromalytic is proud to announce we have been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

    This prestigious certification — the latest iteration of the world’s leading quality assurance standard, ISO 9001 — is granted for meeting or exceeding rigorous international standards in quality management.
    We are delighted to receive this acknowledgement of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, which we implement in order to provide the best service and products to our valued clients.

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