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  • Well T-Mobile pushed me the update to limit the battery. I postponed it for a couple of days but while I was sleeping last night they forced it on me. I woke up with 68% battery even though it was plugged in. I brought it downstairs with me and plugged it in here so now it's plugged in at 63%. I guess I'll have to unplug it and go to 60% eventually.

  • RIP Leonard Cohen. :'‑(

  • We're celebrating the Humble Store's 3rd birthday by giving away FREE copies of DiRT 3 Complete Edition! Race over to the Humble Store to claim your gift — offer ends 11/12 at 10AM PT!

  • I just had a thought. With the earlier Star Wars movies we had a main character, like Luke or Han or Leia, and we had years to get used to that character before new characters came along. Now we have Rey and Finn but it's only been a year before another film is coming. I hope it's not too soon and people haven't had enough time for the last characters to soak in before getting new ones. 

  • Just passed 3000 subs!

  • Just passed 3000 subs!

  • Just passed 3000 subs!

  • Come visit a cool pagoda with me!

  • Come visit a cool pagoda with me!

  • Come visit a cool pagoda with me!

  • Hey +NewTek​ have you seen this bank loan company calling themselves Newtek? 

  • Enter to win a drone from GoPro! 

  • It's funny to really think of how slow the Internet was back in the day. I was just remembering my college days in 2002. We had one dial-up modem for the whole class. If you tried to check your email or look up reference images and couldn't get on, you knew the reason was that someone else was checking their email. 

  • Murder, mayhem, corgis, and kittens! Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective Agency is great! I loved the books when I was young. Plus Elijah Wood.

  • Toured a pagoda today. 

  • Watch in HD! Happy Halloween!


    Online Offworld said:

    Hey Everyone,

    I used to teach a night class for 10 years at a local uni showing students how to create 3D characters from scratch.

    The uni has finally laid the subject to rest and won't be using the content I wrote for it anymore, so I thought I'd put it out to pasture here.

    The tutes are made in a slightly older version of 3D-Coat, but should still be mostly useful and hopefully helpful.

    Female body sculpting (pdf, 26MB)

    Female head sculpting (pdf, 17MB)

    There's a bunch more in this series but I thought I'd start with these ones and see if people like them before uploading the rest.

    Anyways, let me know what you think :)

  •  Got this FM Transmitter today. It really works well and having bluetooth is nice in an older car.