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Curassow Amazon Lodge

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  • ¡Semana Santa! ¡Vámonos a Iquitos!
    Relájate en nuestro cómodo albergue con todas las comodidades, mientras descubres la fauna silvestre del Amazonas en su propio hábitat. Escríbenos a

    Holy Week in the Peruvian Amazon...!
    Relax in our comfortable facilities in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest while you discover wildlife in the natural habitat. Write us:

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  • Pictures of Curassow Amazon Lodge (, an accommodation in the deep jungle, suitable for all kind of travelers, from families with kids to adventurers and researchers, located in Iquitos, Amazon rainforest, Peru, South America.

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    Check on our Facebook Fan Page beautiful pictures of the Amazon rainforest and our expeditions.

  • This is a sunny day in the Amazon rainforest. An ideal day for visit the jungle and discover its flora and fauna. Check to know how to get there.