Mats Högberg

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  • Första test av Chromecast: Över förväntan! SVT Play funkar perfekt i fullskärmsläge från Crome i datorn. Netflix, Youtube såklart från Android och dator. (Kollade just också på TV5 Play och det funkade precis lika bra det.) Play Musik spelar glatt upp lokalt lagrad musik. Enda jag kan önska mig mera, är att det ska gå att köra +Spotify från Android, så är allt perfekt! Kollade just också på TV5 Play och det funkade precis lika bra det.

  • New toy finally arrived!

  • Wow Thats about as good an offer as a Chevy 2500 XL and half a gallon of free gas. 

  • Some really good books leave you with that feeling of "I must have more!" Never has a TV series done that. Until now. Twice! Both #derek   and Orange Is The New Black ( #oitnb  ) has left me in that vacuum. Luckily, there's a season 2 of both. Can't wait! Both +Netflix originals. Coincidence?
    Or is it that being able to watch/read how much you want, when you want to, actually improve the experience?

  • Uh Oh. Lucky me I caught Amazon with their pants down, then! :-) No Sir, I do not want to return my Chromecast!

  • Yes! About time Chromecast is made available in Sweden too.

  • The Arduino project is coming along nicely - in fact, only "packaging" remains. Two temp sensors and a relay that will control a fan pushing air from the warmer room to the colder. As simple as ABC. Now I need more ideas to realize with an Arduino.

  • First step in my career as hardware hacker. End product will be an Arduino controlled climate/temp regulator. This is fun!

  • Beautiful autumn morning at Sony Mobile